JotD / QotD Ελληνική Λίστα Ανεκδότων (JotD)

Θέμα: answering machines

From: Nimele (sofiaa(@)
Date: Τετ 13 Δεκ 1995 - 14:58:12 EET

 Elpizo na sas aresei to arxeio pou akolouthei, einai kapoies
idees gia minimata thlefonhth.

kales diakopes,

        How do you leave a message on this thing? I can't understand
        the instructions. Hello. Testing 1 2 3. I wonder what happens
        if I touch this... YOW!

        You have reached 934-2435. We picked this machine up at a
        garage sale in "as-is" condition. You can try to leave a
        message on it, but we are not sure it will be recorded. If we
        don't return your call, it means the machine did not work.

        Hello. I'm David's answering machine. What are you?

        Hi, this is John's answering machine. He's not here, but I'm
        open to suggestions.
        Hello. This is Mark and Nathan's phone. We're not here right
        now, but the phone is.

        Hi, this is John's answering machine again. He's gone and left
        me for a sleazy microwave he met at Krazy Eddy's. Life sucks.

        Hi! John's answering machine is broken. This is his
        refrigerator. Please speak very slowly, and I'll stick your
        message to myself with one of these magnets.
        Hello, this is Ron's toaster. Ron's new answering machine is in
        the shop for repairs, so please leave your message when the
        toast is done... (Cachunk!)

        Hello. This is Ron's answering machine, Marvin, and I'm SO
        depressed. I have 50,000 times the memory capacity of my owner,
        but all I get to do is answer the phone. Life. Don't talk to
        me about life. Just leave your name and number after the beep.
        Here comes the beep, God how I hate that beep, it's so cheery


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