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Θέμα: Happy anniversary

(nil): Mr. I. Litinas (i.litinas(@)
Ημερομηνία: Δευ 10 Ιουν 1996 - 04:16:51 EEST

A bunch of friends surprised Max with a party to celebrate his
twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. During the party one of his friends
realized that Max had disappeared. The friend finally found Max slumped
in a chair in the den, wringing his hands and crying.
   The friend asked, "What's wrong, old buddy? The party too much for
   "No, it's not that."
   "Then what's wrong?"
   "Well, it's like this. Five year after I'd gotten married, I started
hating my wife so much I wanted to kill her. I even asked my lawyer what
the penalty would be for that. He said that with time off for good
behavior, I was looking at twenty years."
   "I don't get it, Max," his buddy said. "Why should you be sad about
not spending twenty years in prison?"
   "I can't help but think--if I'd done it, today I'd be a free man!"


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