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Θέμα: Mother Nature

(nil): Mr. I. Litinas (i.litinas(@)
Ημερομηνία: Δευ 10 Ιουν 1996 - 04:18:29 EEST

Daughter comes to her mother in tears and says:
- Since I got married to Vasya, he's never had me...
- Oh, no problem. Tell him to come to me.
He comes, and the girl's mother says:
- When you go to bed with my daughter, you know, you have a knob and she has
a hole, just stick it in and the Mother Nature will help you.
Next day the daughter comes back crying:
- What did you tell him, mom? He plugged his nose into my asshole and shouted:
  'Mother Nature, help me! I'm suffocating!'


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