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Θέμα: Read it, it's very important ( ... not!)

(nil): George Anagnostopoulos (firefly(@)
Ημερομηνία: Δευ 23 Ιουν 1997 - 16:06:50 EEST

Hello, and thank you for reading this letter. You see, there is a starving
little boy in Baklaliviatatlaglooshen who has no arms, no legs, no parents,
and no willie. This little boy's life could be saved, because for every
time you pass this on, a dollar will be donated to the Little Starving
Legless Armless Willieless Boy from Baklaliviatatlaglooshen Fund. Remember,
we have no way of counting letters sent and this is all bullshit. So go on,
reach out. Send this to 5 people in the next 47 seconds. Oh, and a
reminder- if you accidentally send this to 4 or 6 people, you will die
instantly. Thanks again!!

G. Anagnostopoulos

    B.A. Business Studies, Uni of Glamorgan * My life is a cartoon!
    U think you know it all but U only irritate us who actually do!
    About sex: To a child you say HOW & WHY. To a teen WHEN & WHERE
             I don't believe in God but I'm afraid of Him.

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