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Θέμα: Re: ELEOS???? + anekdoto

(nil): Vana Doufexi (vana(@)
Ημερομηνία: Παρ 13 Μαρ 1998 - 18:52:50 EET

On Fri, 13 Mar 1998, THOMAS ANAGNOSTOPOULOS wrote:

> antitheta thewrw kakou goustou (kai savoura ) vevaia ta tessara (!!!!) mail tis Chr.K.

Esteile ena mail o Akis amesws meta kai eipe oti to problima itan tis
listas (auto me to nervous breakdown :))

To anekdoto twra (metrio kata ti gnwmi mou, alla de briskw kalutero):

An elderly parish priest became unhappy with the things he was hearing
during Saturday confessions. After his sermon one Sunday morning, he
said to his congregation, "I'm tired of hearing so many people tell me in
confession that they have cheated. For thirty years, people have been
saying to me 'I have cheated with Anthony...I have cheated with Mary...I
have cheated with Frankie.' I am sick and tired of hearing this word.
>From now on, when you come into my confessional, you will say 'I have
fallen with Anthony, or with Mary, or with Frankie.' No more the word
CHEAT. It will be FALL."
About a year later, the old priest retired and was replaced by a younger
man. No one thought to tell the new priest about the change of words in
the confessional. After hearing his first round of Saturday confessions,
the young priest went to the mayor of the town and said to him,
"Mr. Mayor, you are going to have to do something about the deplorable
condition of the streets and sidewalks in this town. Everybody is
telling me they are falling all over the place."
The mayor immediately understood the problem, and he leaned back in
his chair and laughed.
The priest was puzzled, and said, "Mr. Mayor, you shouldn't be
laughing! Your wife told me that just last week she fell three times.!"

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