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Ημερομηνία: Δευ 23 Μαρ 1998 - 16:38:58 EET

Bre paidia otan kanete forward jokes ... afierwste kai ena lepto na ta
katharisete apo ta diafora skoupidia ... diladi ta forward tis asxetes
email dieuthinseis ta enoxlitika ">" ktl ktl

Episis gia na min exoume problimata "ideologika" ksanastelnw to disclaimer
tis listas.


1. Jokes posted to this list are 99%. Of course 1% is allowed only for the
   State-of-the-Art English Jokes. Aim of this list is to provide a smile
   in your face !

2. Some Jokes posted on this list may be offending. You subscribe to this
   list by your own risk. The maintainer of the list bears no
   responsibility of any kind for the contents of this list.

3. Please DO NOT send any HTML emails and ATTACHMENTS to this list.

4. A Jokes List Archive can be found at :

5. Users who face problems with GREEK CHARACTERS should subsribe
   to the GREEKLISH version of this list. Please check
   it out :

Some of the jokes are so funny they will make
you cry, some are slightly humorous, some are crude, some are a little
dull/lame, some may just tick you off royally, or there will be others you
will think are just not funny at all: it all depends on your viewpoint.
All I ask is give it a try, pass on the ones you like to your
friends/acquaintances and, well, I don't know about the ones you don't
like (it's your call). If you ever want to unsubscribe from the list,
removal instructions will always be at the end of each daily joke.


I believe in sending out all types of humor in order to keep the variety
of humor on the list. In the past, emails sent out to this list had humor
which has offended most gender, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, and
pretty much every other kind of group. Responsible for the CONTENT of the
emails are only the original senders and by no means the owner of the
list. Jokes really don't care if you are
white, black, brown, pink, purple, orange, straight, homosexual/lesbian,
blind, deaf, dumb, etc. By being an equal opportunity offender,
Jokes are considered to be non- discriminatory.
In other words, I have no apologies. If something offends you, either get
over it (i.e., hit the "delete" key), or ask to be removed from the list.
DO NOT come whining back to me about saving the whales, your rights as a
member of the Transsexual Jewish Democratic Lesbian Greenpeace Solidarity
for Prisoner's Rights and Quick Parole Society were violated, you only
want me to send you the "clean" jokes (and who is the censor, anyway),
etc., or you will suffer the consequences by a hearty round of group

Whew!! Sorry to appear to be ranting and raving - I usually don't, but if
you had the volume of email I get, you would understand!!!!

... kai prospatheiste na epimeinete ellinika sta jokes!

Akis Karnouskos
Jokes List Owner


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