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Θέμα: Easy Money!!!

(nil): Joanna Katerelos (Joanna_Katerelos(@)
Ημερομηνία: Δευ 15 Ιουν 1998 - 23:32:43 EEST

> Okay there are two guys who are best friends (Bob and Bill) Bob is
> married but Bill is still single. One day Bob has gone out to the
> hardware store, meanwhile Bill has come over to his house. Bob's wife
> Janet invites Bill in. Bill says to Janet, "you know you've married my
> best friend for many years now and I never have gotten the chance to
> tell you that you are a beautiful woman and I am really envious of Bob"
> Janet says thankyou, and Bill continues "Janet I will give you a hundred
> dollar bill if you would just let me see one of your breasts" Janet
> thinks about and sees no harm, so she pops one out of her shirt. Bill
> gets very excited and hands over the money. Bill says to Janet "I will
> give you another hundred if you let me see both breasts at the same
> time" Janet thought "hmmm another hundred, well he didn't attempt to
> touch me the first time so what the hell" so she pulls her shirt over
> her head. Bill stands there gaping and admiring her breasts (must have
> been a long time since he had any!!!) Anyways he finally gives her the
> other hundred and Janet thinks "Wow this is the easiest two hundred
> dollars I have ever made" Later that day when Bob came home Janet told
> him that Bill was over. Bob says "Ohh really and did he bring the two
> hundred dollars he owes me!" Ha Ha Ha!!!


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