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Xmmm.. afto edo to exei akousei kanenas allos?? Pithanos na einai alhthinh
eidhsh alla den thn exo diastavrosei... anyways.. diavaste kai skaste (sto
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 Thursday, May 21, 1998

                                                  Bill Gates fires hundreds

   Monday of this week, the Windows98 operating system (OEM version)
shipped to manufactures, ending the long wait for
   many. Windows98 is expected to be running on 95% of the computers in the
U.S. by 1999. On Monday, this reporter also
learned the Final version of the Windows98 code was "leaked" to a pirate
group, who in turn released the "warez" version onto
                                                        the internet.

   In a strange twist of fate, the worst happened at Microsoft
headquarters. Employee's quickly obtained a copy of the pirate
  version, and installed it on their own machines to test the "validity" of
the pirate version. After determining that indeed, the
  pirate version was the same as the Final release version, (that was
scheduled to go to press that morning), the PWA version
                                             was tucked aside for later

    Somehow (we have not learned how yet) the PWA.NFO (a text file of the
groups members etc) out of the pirate version
  ended up being copied into the master Windows98 directory, just prior to
the code being sent out for CD stamping. The code
   along with the NFO was shipped and written to the OEM release version of
the Windows98. Several thousand of the CD's
 were shipped in the haste to get Windows98 out (see article on the D.O.J
vs. Microsoft) before the added file was detected.
 Microsoft immediatly corrected the code, and today issued a RECALL of the
incorrect CD's, claiming, according to Redmond, Wa.:

 Since the story broke earlier today, it is said that copies of the
affected CD's have been up for auction at various web sites on
                   the internet. We have heard rumors that Bill Gates
himself has been bidding on the CD's.

  An internal investigation was launched by Microsoft (the results are
sketchy at this point), but we have learned that at least
                                         210 people were fired without

                               We will bring you updated information as it
becomes available.


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