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(nil): Dimitris (dimitris(@)
Ημερομηνία: Τρι 18 Μαΐ 1999 - 19:38:33 EEST

A man suspected his wife of seeing another man. So, he hired a famous
chinese dective, Mr. Sui Tansow Pok, to watch and report any activities that
might develop. A few days later, he received this report:
  Most honorable sir:
  You leave house.
  He come house.
  I watch.
  He and she leave house.
  I follow.
  he and she get on train.
  I follow.
  He and she go in hotel.
  I climb tree-look in window
  He kiss she
  She kiss he
  He strip she
  She strip he
  He play with she
  She play with he
  I play with me
  Fall out of tree, not see.


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